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Rajesh ji, The cartoon today was on the Kantipur paper some years ago. The cartoons mustn't be reproduced.
Jenny, Hempshire, UK

Dude .. u got the art of saying nothing while leaving nothing unsaid..
Dipta joshi, U.S.A

Rajesh jee,
I think to write something to you but When I watch the list of feedback I get nothing remainig for me so Please watch it carefully. I must know that from that I always support the mass. I will always pray to the god for your success.
shesha sedai
Kathmanud, Nepal.

Dear Rajesh ji,

I really admire your sense of humor and don’t miss any of your cartoons which sometimes make us laugh aloud. Keeping aside the thrill to know that a compilation of all the cartoons came out in a book-form, I found it a bit expensive that US$ 9.99 for Nepali readers, don’t you think so??? I am just sharing my thoughts with you – don’t get it in a wrong way.
Keep up the good work!

I love the cartoons which give a very humorous and accurate insight into political events etc., and have requested that they also be printed in English in the internet newspaper for foreigners like myself who are not able to read and speak Nepali. I visit Nepal every year for 3 months and have been doing so for the past 20 years and the first thing I look at in the daily paper is the cartoon, it brightens my day as sadly the rest of the paper is full of doom and gloom in these days of terrible, disastrous conflict.
Can you let me know if your book is available in English please?
Joan Winstanley

(From Posted on 01-08-05 8:39 AM) Do not know this Rajesh KC, who creates such appropriate cartoons everyday. I can imagine him (also other cartoonists), reading newspapers a lot, to get proper material and context and on his mind he must be like a woman in labor, trying hard to deliver. He must be thinking hard all the time, to produce a few strokes of lines and a punch line, when eating, driving his car or even spending quality time with his spouse. I don't think it's a cake walk for him to be that creative. To put such complex issues in a simple drawing and a few words really needs some talent. As has been pointed out, the English translation degrades his quality work. If TKP does not listen, it's them and Mr. KC who lose. I enjoy the Nepali version anyway! Think with all these discussion, one can conclude, no translation will be perfect. Therefore, cartoon's that Mr. KC has created in the Nepali context and especially keeping the Nepali readers in mind, may not be suitable for translation in English context or for translation. If deemed necessary, they should create new cartoons for the English readers, not just translate the Nepali one. Mr. KC (if you are reading this), keep up the good work and don't let TKP translate your work and if you are doing it yourself, seek for someone better. your fan. Shirish

(From Posted on 01-10-05 10:17 PM) We are writing in this thread simply to have positive effect on KOL and most importantly to assist the cartoonist Rajesh KC (loved by everybody for his creative cartoons) to demand proper treatment from KOL/Kathmandu Post in translation of the cartoons into English to retain the original humor/satires. One should not lament saying that oh! the English version is not for the Nepalese readers but targeted to English speaking readers only. In reality that's not really true. I can gaurantee 95% readers of Kathmandu Post are actually Nepalese. And out of those 95%, at least 80% also read Kantipur daily. Therefore, one cannot try to shut out the criticism by giving lame reasons saying that the English cartoons are entirely different from the Nepalese cartoons and intended for special group of people. Think about this, everyday both Kantipur and Kathmandu Post publish the same cartoon. How can you make the English one different every time. Rajesh KC ji, you simply can't. Now having said all this, toady's cartoons came out alright without any mis-translation while perfectly preserving the idea/humor/satire intact. Good work. Prem_dai

Hi Rajesh,
I am Nishanka rana Bhat. Residence of Lekhnath 5. Vijayapur Kaski. age 20.
I am a great fan of kantipur because of you. I have collected your many of your best cartoons. Now I am in India. But I usually see your cartoons in kantipuronline. I am just here to make my career. I am planning to go to DUBAI. After that I really want to work in Nepal. My interest is Photography and I have seen many photographs of yours in Saturdays KOSELI. I really want to be your student. I want to learn about photography and Cartoon making with you. If you can say ok if not that's fine. I will be waiting for a response. Thanks


Translation of the cartoon looks a little comic.
It doesn't convey the same meaning as the cartoonist wants.
Thanks for the opportunity to write something!

Dürener Str 1 ,52428,Julich. Germany

dear rajesh ji
the caption you wrote for the cartoon about too many students in a class has very interesting picture but caption is not so good because it is very direct. it seems like cartoon of samacharpatra. not so interesting. there should be something as you did in other cartoons bit indirect but very sharp. sorry for critisism as i am your cartoon fan
raj hari - japan

Todays cartoon was some thing like that of Gokharaptra. I didnot actually understand it. Our nepali guy was surprized without any cause.

Rajesh ji,
Huna ta tapai ka cartoon haru hamrai abhibvhyakti hun. Tara Hamra man ka kura pani sojhai cartoon ma rakhnos na. Aeuta cartoon banaunu hos na \'Kalam baliyo ki Baduk Balio Sir ?\' bhanne lekhera.
BPC - Gwangju, KOREA

your cartoons are just awesome. Makes my day great with a big smile every morning. Is it possible to have it little bigger size in the kantipur website so that I don\'t have to click it to open it in another window. I cannot read the texts sometime. Anyway, your cautious sense of humor for the contemporary society and politics is very strong.
Rabi Adhikari - USA

hi rajesh,
malai tapai ko sangraha dherai ramro lagyo . Ani tapai afno kaam ma safal hos vanne suvakamana dinchho. bye take care


Rajesh jee,

I am Prashun, a student from Gold Coast, Australia, and I am a great fan of yours and I really appreciate your work very much.
while I was going through the page in kantipuronline .com and reading about your I found it really good but I think there are some problems in the page and I wanted you to be aware of it and take note of it. So please try correcting them and have a good career through out.

Gold Coast, Australia

Looking at the situation in Nepal it's so difficult to feel happy.
I remember your cartoon of the soldier and the maoist pressing the political leaders to sit and talk with each other.
Rather symbolic: the people want an end to the situation but the
power players don't.

Polticians usually do the right thing when they tried the

Himalaya Film Festival director

rajesh dai...
i'm a great fan of yours. it's been more then two or three years since i have been following your cartoons in kantipur newspaper...though i'm not in nepal now, i still go to the kathmandu post website and read ur cartoon..the website has made it easier for me to get in touch with ur cartoons..and i'm really very happy for tht. i have no comment for ur increadible works..and wanted to wish you more success..and hope you'll come up with more and more funny cartoons..and congratulations for your awards...thanx for giving us funny cartoons..and hoping for more..


anshu shrestha

Dear Rajesh k.c.

tapaiko cartoon sarai ramro chha. cartoonle poltical leaderklai education diyeko chha. cartoon tapaiko samasamuhikachha.


I visit kantipuronline at least once a day. The best part that I enjoy is the Cartoons presented by Mr. Rajesh KC which really reflect our corrupted society in daily life. I hope Mr. KC will continue to inform us through this effective visual medium to observe the image of our society.

Dilli R Phuyal
University of Texas, USA

Dear Rajesh.
I have been closely watching your cartoons in Kantipur daily. You
are among my favourite cartonists in the city. Congratulations for
your achievements. Good wishes for future.
Keep it up Rajesh.

Anand Adhikari

Dear Rajesh Jee,

Thanks for the Cartoons ( 27 Nov 2004.).
You have presented it very interestingly.


I liked your wonderful cartoon published today (30/09/2004) in Kantipur online.

Thank you very much

Krishna Panthi
Trondheim, Norway

Dear Rajesh ji,

Your cartoon published in KP is excellent. Please let me know when the cartoon book will be available.

best regards,


since i am in US i look kantipuronline everyday. the best part is Gajab chha ba...the simple picture can define the whole situation of nepal. so reality is there. good job kcji. keep it up.


Rajesh ji,

I am a big fan of yours. I have been enjoying your cartoons over the past few years, especially after you started drawing cartoons for Kantipur. Keep up the good work. Good luck with your future endeavors.

Atlanta, USA

Hello rajesh dai. How are you? To me, you are the best of cartoonists. Specially, I like your cartoon in kantipur Dainik. Keep up your refreshing works.

Dipak Bhatta

Rajesh sir i am bishnu jamkatel your cartoon sanghraha is very nice. good bye and good luck


Dear Rajesh Ji, Namaskar.

Thanks for your real cartoon. I like it, and is the only one way to express real things. Thank you very much and good luck.

Purna Gurung

Rajesh Ji

Namaskar, I am Arun Deo Joshi from Nepal one television. I am a great fan of your. I like your cartoons a lot. The cartoon published today about ma ku ne is a great one. hope to meet you some day.keep it up. bye

Arun Joshi


i am in sweden and I see your cartoons, really it is very nice and i enjoy it a lot Really, you have a good collection and you are perfectly express Nepalese feelings. Contineu the good work, never be biased.

Kiran Kumar Upadhyay
Borlänge, Sweden

dear rajesh,

u\'ve been doing a marvelous job. just keep it up. infact ur only cartoon contributes more than 51 percent for me to buy the newspaper.

Patan, Nepal

we are students from Cyprus. Please give information to coming students that in Cyprus there is no work for foreign students here. You make a cartoon to let the Nepalis know that hami la jun dukha pako chum thaye dukha aaru la na pawos dai please hami sab ko tarfabata hazur lai request cha dhanaya bad


i love ur cartoons. really they r superb.
i am a great fan of yours. hope u will reply my mail.

Lalitpur, Nepal

Great political satire. Today\s (3/2/2005) cartoon was topclass.


thank u very much for sending the cartoon book. really enjoyed it. i am a great follower of your cartoons and appreciate that fact that u have developed cartoon-making as a business in nepal. thank u very much and hope that u will be able even more successful in this field.

Deepak KC
Irving, TX, United States

I visited your site today. I'm happy that your field of art is widening. And the "Art" is very natural and eye-catching. After a short tour I would like to appreciate your effort.

D. Prasad Dhungana
Dubai, UAE



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