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Feedback 2

Dear Mr. Rajesh KC,

I am a regular reader (fan) of your cartoons, especially KANTIPUR GAJAB CHHA BA, it's brilliant. I didn't know you have a personal website. I just got the information that your website has been launched. There i saw your cartoon collection book "KARTOON SANGRAHA". but there is information about where I can get it & its price for those in Nepal. I want to get this book, how & where can I get what is its price in nepali rupees?

Bhim Prasad
Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Many of your cartoons almost make me choke. Kudos to your brilliant creativity. Great work and keep it up!

B Giri
London, UK

Rajesh KC bhai

You may not believe, but let me tell you something: one of the most interesting things for me to visit to is to see your cartoons. I think you are the most gifted cartoonist Nepal has ever seen. Your cartoons are just the perfect expression of time and situation. Please keep up your job. You think, analyze and then work hard to give birth to these real images of the time. Great job!!!!

Prakash & Sharda

Hello, I read the Kantipur Online daily to see what is happening in Nepal. It used to be when I clicked on your cartoon, it would come up in English. It no longer does that. I enjoyed your cartoons and miss reading them.Kantipur Online.

Mark Kiser
Omaha, Nebraska USA

Namaskaar, Rajesh jee. tapai ko cartoon ko ma prasansak hun. desh maa dekhiyeka harek kisim ka bikriti haru lai byangyatmak para le cartoon chitra ko madhyam bata saral ra sahaj kisim le byakta garna saknu nai tapai ko khubi ho, tapai ko uttarottar pragati ko kamana sahit... Gurung Bhesh raj. Pokhara
( Now : Toyota city, Japan )

the carton is very intersting
Saroj Karmacharya - Japan/Nagano

You picked the pin- point of the real situation of present nepal,thankyou from canada.
Laxmi Nakarmi - Montreal,Canada

Thanks for the good cartoon and the ironic meaning.
Keshab - Sweden

Your cartoons are great.
Rajen Kandel - London, UK

I am a crazy person of reading cartoons.I like your cartoons.wishing you for your nice cartoons in the future
Bhupal Ghimire - Biratnagar

Hi, Rajesh Jee. I am your fan and I like your cartoons toooooo much. God may bless you to achieve more respect from the people and the society. Really you are the great.
Janak Babu Kafle - Nepal, Biratnagar

Thanks for you
Ganesh Giri - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

hello i\'m from UK, Swansea. i like your all cartoon(gajab cha ba) but i have no time to look your cartoon daily. how can i see your more cartoon.
balram gurung - UK

Dear Rajesh,
Your cartoons are simply wonderful and amazing. I always use to see your cartoons. Keep it up.
Ravi Sharma - Osaka, Japan

You are too good as a Cartoonist. Keep it up and I wish you all the success in your life.
Milan - United Kingdom

Rajesh Jee
You are so brilliant in preparing spicy cartoons. I appreciate with full of heart
Shankar Paudel - UK, Leicester

Dear Mr. Rajesh KC
I really appreciate your cartoons and their message to the people. You are the top cartoonist in Nepal.
Surya - USA

the best cartoon ever made representing the country\'s condition, after the royal step. keep it up.thanks.
thapa S - finland

Wow this cartton (new year 2062 ko koseli) I liked it very much. Actually your every cartoons are superb but some are so excellent that I can\'t stop myself laughing and/or praising. The style you give punch to related people, agency or government or whoever concerned, I really appreciate it. I would love to meet such personality when I will be in Nepal.Lastly, Happy new year to you ani tapaiko cartoon jastai sabai sanchai subista le rahun ra santi chhos vanne kamana....
Ajaya Jang Kunwar-Goettingen, Germany

Your cartoons are original and brilliant. I wish I could get a copy of the collection.
Ujjwal - Nepal/KTM

dear rajesh,
i think you are fighting for press freedom and democracy in your own way and your cartoon are sending clear message to our royal loyals, keep up the good work, i know it is not gonna be easy for you to freely express everything but we are hopeful that your cartoon will figure a way out to fight this autocracy
milan adhikari - honolulu/hawaii

Hi rajesh Jee
Namaskar i am khem from Saudi Arabia i liked your wonderful cartoon published by Daily Kantipur onlie. thanks & regards.
Khem Nath (Madhu) paudyal - Saudi Arabia

Although all cartoons of Rajesh KC are excellent , this one on the cricket diplomacy is outstanding, hitting right below the belt. Keep it up!
Pushkar Raj Bhattarai- Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In todays cartoon (2005/4/19)If you have said\' Durbar marga 11 Vs Ratnapark 11 then its better for that purpose.
sadbnsa - Korea

Bikash Bhandari- USA, Lock Haven

I am a great fan of your cartoon. You are doing a great job. I hope you will continue until your intuitive imagination fades away.
Suman Acharya- Bangalore 560 033, India

oho dai, pakkai pani cartoon le ahileko prasasak haruko taukoma ghan le thokeko jastai hunechha bhanne asa garau .eutai cartoon le dherai thauma byangya garna khojeko chha .dherai ramro chha.
Hemant- USA/Silverspring

rajesh ji, your cartoons are really really best. how can you create such great ideas? wish you all the best for future. thanks for tanker cartoon.
rajhari- japan

dai tapai khatra .... maile sansaar ma manekomanche haru ma tapai pani ek ho ...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ...Im with you..
Dipesh.- USA

you rock bro .. thanx for all ur works.. they are hilarious and touching at the same time .... thanks for everything ... i just love ur art...
ravindra - indiana, USA

Rajesh jee
Good info...I appreciate your effort. I do not eat without looking at your cartoon
Prem Bhandari - USA

Read your cartoon corner daily online. Today\'s is great .. as almost always actually! Sadly its true, but you convey it so well!
Jyoti - CT, USA

Very Much greatful for you precious award to Nepali democratic fight in your last cartoon ( the pre and post 1990 bank files...). Thank You very much again. Help the people crack down these rubbish \"(Pre\'90\'s)\". Thank You for your support to Nepali democracy. Please help the country fight against these autocracies who want theocracy by linking them to so called world hindu federation and try to establish as religious leader- break down the religious homogeinity and tolerance of nepali and want so called \"guided democracy\".
Sundar Pandey - Chicago

Hi dai i\'m very much impresed on your cartoons from past long years, I also want to be funny as your cartoons expose. your cartoons really refresh me for a whole day but now i\'m in malaysia how do i get your collections cartoon book please help me out to get it. thanks and wish you for your success in your future, bye
buddha lama - nepali now in malaysia

never compromise in any situation
best of luck !!!!!!!
rajesh tiwari- kathmandu, nepal

I have seen your kartoon today. that was amazing funny. You should keep to do it. Your cartoons always represent to the present. I really appriciate you. I hope tomorrow will be new creation, new hope and new satires. Thanking you
Bharat Sapkota - Kathmandu, Nepal

I want to give a special thanks for your spiritual art in Cartoon. The feature is best and it will be forever,
GunaRaj - Nepal, Kathmandu

keep it up. I think u got the talent and u can do it.
phadindra bhattarai - london,uk

You carttons are just too much.....the best we can get on any newspaper..i have no words to thank you for all the humor you bring into our lives... really a good way to start up a day is by laughing and your cartoons just meet this criteria
Samir Khanal- Nepal / Kathmandu

good one bro. I liked it.
Dharma - Detroit, USA

Am a big fan and read your cartoon daily. And today's cartoon (about the stolen car) was just awesome! Great job.
Sagun Karmacharya - Minneapolis, USA

hi rajesh g ke hall cha? i am working in kathmandu university.
i like your ka.......r ......t.....n
atma ram neupane- banepa

Great cartoon Rajesh Jee
How can these people in position say that poverty has been reduced? Ridiculous.... You are right, poor decreased..because some have been killed, others have been migrated and so..not the poverty itself... how can this figure of poverty reduction be true if there is no production and money has been used up for other purposes.
Prem Bhandari - State College, USA

Dear Rajesh,
I do not know you and your world of cartoon& photographs but today i was searching any website related Nepal ,I found your site ,I saw whole site comletely ,your photos &cartoons are very very intersting,I am an Indian ,But i also lived in Nepal,I like Nepal&Nepali very much,and now through you and your photographs we can understand Nepal &Nepali very easily, anyone can enjoy and feel real thrill of your photos & cartoons. Thanks
Sushil k.Tiwari - India/Bangalore

ma tapaeko cartoon sadhaijaso hernay garchhu and i really love it .......thanx
rupesh - Nepal

i always love your cartoons. they are the soul of the kantipur and kathmandu post. keep it up,man.
puspa raj pandey - south korea

Mr.kc has done really good job. My first thing to see is your cartoon.Very too the point and satirical.Good luck and keep doing good work for us:)
punam - usa

how are you? this is ram from a state of Qatar i like your cartoons so much. i see your every cartoon. your cartoons give some message to all nepali people. good luck all the best. i wish your more sucessful. ok bye bye
best regards
Ram kumar - from Doha Qatar, al khor city

Dear rajeshji namskar i like ur cartoons a lot. some time it makes me laugh . in a country where there is no full freedom on media, this is the right way to make understand to the public and at least u can go forward than the media. keep a good work.
premprasad bajgai - india hyderabad

ur cartoons are excellent,,,, in other words, very good cartoons. ok bye
shankar ghimire - Afghanistan/ Kabul

mr rajesh i really love the way you present ur cartoons which really makes a good sense of humour.just keep it up and our good wishes r with u all the times. take care now
pankaj - usa/ virginia

hi rajesh,
thank u very much. your cartoons speak everything.i read your kartoons as a poem, fiction, and a book of history and politics,so you r for me , a good poet,writer,as well as historian and politician of the nation.
santanu ojha - morang

this is the top most cartoon, I rank
Shankar Paudel - the UK

Where did you get your cartoon lessons?
You are the best!
Prakash- USA

Mr. rajesh jee,
good job good creativity keep it up
Deb chhetri - nepal

This is what the cartoon is. Keep it up and we will expect same kind of cartoon in future.
shishir- nepal

Thanks for showing Nepal
Dr pushkar bhattarai -USA

thank you very much because this is the very very important time to see the pic or to show the public.
biyan rai - kabul, afghanistan

I appreciate your cartoons in kantipuronline.Keep up. Hoorah!
Bishnu Poudyal - San Francisco

Very straight and truth based cartoon.
Raj- Nepal

u r too good i am ur fan since i was in 9 i am doin engineering here in england..
parshu - uk,england

It is really good comments. I wish for your best
Kiran K. Upadhyay - UK

Thanks for the cartoon on the BABA refused to step on the street.
keshab - Sweden

Dear Rajesh kc how are you & what about your gajab chha ba. This is a very nice cartoon I am also happy & agree with you. I am demanded your cartoons programme. thanking you.

hello, your cartoon is very good because of our nepali society is same. thanks
bishnu prasad Sharma - syangja.oraste 3, nepal

Brillient Mind. Fantastic.... Keep it on
Krish - Bombay

Thank you for your smart presentation.
Bhola Ghimire - Norway

i love ur cartoon that publish in front page of kanipur paper. im interested in that what can i do for that.please help me for that.all he best
om - baneshwor

I really admire to see your cartoons. They are really well and are lively to the situations we Nepalese are facing now a days. Keep on exploring the reality. We really appreciate with you.
Bikram Choudhary - Nepal

You really are a legend for NEPAL.
Prakash - atlanta

good going. keep it up.
sushma - toronto,canada

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