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Feedback 3

This cartoons (Sunday, July 17, 2005) is not so effetable .Please try to somethings els.
Dr. Pushkar Bhattarai, USA Boston MA

I know it's god to get accolades from everybody, but I had sent some crticism comments about your work on a couple of occasions. How come you never print them? Do you not care for any constructive criticism or are you greatly confident of your work that you dont need mortal suggestions?
rj, Ktm

rajesh dai, this dharauti cartoon is hilarious! i am still laughing! you are one hell of a genious! hahahahaha!

Jitendra, London

iam in japan.most of your cartoons i like beacuse it is real. have more and more truth. hope you can make now's real havings. thanks. hoping more best. best wish. babaji

prem pariyar, tokyo

Dear K.C.ji, You are just wonderful pincher on Political activities. I read first of all your cartoon when I turn on to It's very sense carrying and meaningful to all. I just want to thank you for your willingness to waking up the concerning people to your jokes. But nepalese leader like " Bhians ke aage bin bajao, Bhains rahe pauray"

Ram Nath Pandit, Nepal

hi iam very impressed by ur work hope u continue it best of luck.

manoj chand, china, tianjin

very nice carton but difficult to understand. thank you

mahanta Maharjan, nepal

The cartoons which are created by you,no one can even think to creat like you.Good job keep it up.

manoj, south korea

Rajesh Ji; You have a wonderful collection of your art pieces. I am very impressed by your art, nepali vives and photography. I wish I can do anything to promote you, bring your publication to the world or help you widen your enterprise?? Please let me know what you need from us?

Ananta Risal, USA

its a real picture of maaoists who seeks apology after killing people.
great job, rajesh ji.

rajhari sharma, japan

congratulation for making such a bold cartoon.You certainly deserve a pat on your back. Sabas!!!

Manohar, Norway

Dear Rajesh, go ahead we r with can i help u,please tell me.thanks, take care

nabin, USA

again one of ur best creation,,,,,,,,reallly very satiring.
puspa raj pandey, korea

i liked ur cartoon very much about becoming a doctor
anoj sharma, australia

fine this is one of the best way to teach some one some thing . i feel every one can understand what is the real meaning of this cartun . i want to give u special thank's for this jokes.
ashok prasad shah, jankpur

Dear rajesh, thank you for your todays (Thursday, June 16, 2005) cartoon, I like it very much
krishna k. c., nepal


Great job. Keep it up, dude
Shubhachintak, NYC

I am one of your fan. I have been enjoying your cartoons over the past few years.
I copy it many cartoon in my mail. And good luck for future.
Sanjay, belgium

Rajesh dai namaskar, tapainle jun kartunbata bigrina lageko manchhe lai rokne, bigrisakekolai sudharne kosis garne ra matti matti sande bhai desh khanelai tikho ban hanne kam garnu bha chha dheri ramro chha. ma sanga pani yasti kartun chha. chhapauna ke garnu parlla. thanks
pushpa raj uprety, kathmandu

Dear Rajesh jee, you are simply awesome! Wonderful!! Your cartoons are always creative & I do not miss any of..... Today the world is such a busy place. Everybody's forehead is loaded with tention and tons of work. We just seems to lost in the crowd.. But there are peoples who will take time for others, Very special people like you... Keep going.. you can touch the sky.. and bring stars for our younger generation.
Begam Pandit
Richmond, USA

Yit would be better if phrase is changed like this; faxai bujhiyana, hamro antarik mamilama hastashep garekoma spastikaran magnu.........starling pound ho ki na. just my opinion, may be you have other idea. please don't mind.

hello rajesh dai,how woderful cartoon! I like this cartoon (Thursday, June 23, 2005) very much. thank u very much.
sachin rana, UK

hey your cartoon was very good.
suroj, kathmandu, nepal

I have withheld my name for obvious reasons as I am an employee of HMG. I think your newspapers (Kantipur) bringing out story on FM Rana is truly unjust and unverified. I know for sure that as Special Economic advisor under Dr. Lohani he was a State Minister rank with the right to claim such medical facility and not just a simple \"advisor\". The medical was approved by the then FM as per the rules of HMG. You all should be mocking the Deuba govt. for not dispersing the medical allowance when they were running the govt. This shows how incompetent Deuba and Bharat Adhikari were. If a State Minister level person's rights to facilities are delayed by more than one and a half years!!! ... then what chance do you think staff of HMG like me have of getting any of our rightful facilities and claims on time as per the rules and regulations of HMG.
Held, Bhaktapur

good very good cartoon (Friday, July 01, 2005 ). thanks to you
Ankit K Aryal, Tibet

too funny..(Friday, July 01, 2005 )
shail shrestha
, bangalore

I like this caroon. (Saturday, July 02, 2005) Thank you
Nirmal, USA

HEy Rajesh Ji, Even though I am in sydney i watch kantipuronline everyday.And especially i dont miss the carttons that are created by you.They are amazing reflecting the politics and the political situation of our country. Keep it up
Rajendra Dhungana, SYndey Australia

dear kc, i love cartoons i really admire your sense of humour and don't miss any of your cartoons which some times makes us laugh laud. can u let me know you with regards. thanks
lakpa sherpa, india/delhi

write about nepali who work out of country .
bikram, dubai

"tapaiko cartoon ekdam ramro lagyonita tara himal chhodera aaunu ko karan k paryo hola aba dekhi aafulai sikaune sastha lai bhulne kam nagarnu hola haita. tapaiko subhachintak nepali bhai, seoul korea

Just great...You are one person who can make people laugh even during these difficult times....Keep it up.
Adarsha Tuladhar, USA / Washington DC

Cartoon of July 10. If it was 'Peter' Giri than just Giri, then it would have more relevance and fierce penetration.
AntibodyB, Korea

in course of seminar i am in beijing the cartoon has nicely depicted the present status of agony , thanx so much
binod kafle, china/Beijing

Dear Rajesh, I'm fan of your cartoon since the inception of Kantipur Publication.Keep it up, I can't afford to miss your daily cartoon on Katipur Daily. Best wishes,
Mr. Gopal Shrestha, London,UK

good morning, now a days i found windows and doors on your cartoons,. and people out of window looks more funny,. double funny more than before,. thanks bye and wish you all the best

Hi, It's me Ganga from Singapore! First of all I'd like to congrat to you to deliver this kind of cartoon pix to all the web browser and I'm quite interested to see this. Thank you for letting us to see this!!!
Ganga Bahadur Gurung, Singapore

Dear rajesh G Namaskar.Thanks for good cartoon on 17/07/2005.I hope, you continue this cartoon. Thanks.
manoj chemjong, Qatar Doha

hai rajesh jee, i like your " gajab cha" & carton catagory. i never miss this. i am from U S A have a good luck in comming days. ok have a good day.
ajita ghimire, america

u r too good i have always been ur fan and i like this one today (Monday, July 18, 2005) the most fantastic..thanks atleast u r givin the view to people what is behind the scene ..thanks very much
parshu, uk/nepalese

Hello Rajesh ji! how r u? I like your all cartoons. I read your cartoon first and other next in kantipur. Your cartoon has proper meaning to satire for proper subject. I want to know how can u imazine like that. Your job is very well and Entertaining to all Please keep it up and hope for do well in future.
Aditya, Kathmandu/Nepal

Dear K.C.Ji, I am nowadays in Qatar and aloof from few news updates in Nepal. Watching your cartoon is my regular habit and without this, I feel my day is incomplete. Your creations are great !, pls keep it up. This time I just want u to give some hints of the situation to understand your recent cartoon about " SEWA PADAK" Thanx and Regards
Murari Aryal, DOHA, QATAR

great! great! great!
unpredictably witty and satirical as well as eloquent (Wednesday, July 20, 2005)
raj hari sharma, japan

This is a great cartoon!
Manoj Lamichhane, Chiang Mai, Thailand

rajesh daju, tapain ko dimag kahaan bata aaunchha yesto cartoons banauna ma.
malai pani kehin cartoons haru pathai dina hunchha ki??
Rojan Khoteja, NEPAL

u r good person.
hariacharya, nepal

Here is something new
ratna, usa

rajesh dai namaskar.
aja pahelo palta tapai ko cartoon sharai ghat lagyo .vholy deakhi daily herne chu
arjun khadka, india , delhi

Hi Rajesh ji, Your way of expressing sense of humor is really awesome. I always watch your cartoons in Kantipur online. I can't read in newspaper besause I am not in Nepal that is my bad luck. I hope you will do very wonderful work in future too.. Good luck bye.Namaste
Amrita Ghimire, Boulder,CO

Dear Rajesh dai, Namaskar,
I am Rita Acharya who is now in Japan. I always read Kantipur and at the first site I see the cartoon by you.Truely speaking your cartoon art is highly admirable.
Rita Acharya Dhakal, Japan

Dear mr rajesh, you really touch our heart through your cartoon. keep it up best of luck
kehar singh kc, ktm

Rajesh dai, todays cartoon (Wednesday, July 27, 2005) is more interesting than earlier days its gives us pleasure in our office. really its very nice
Suresh shah, Nepal

it's great..and very humours...i really enjoy..
Anjan lama tamang , Thailand

Dear Kc, Very impressive and educative. I liked it very much. Rgds,
Gopal Shrestha, London

hi, you make so much funny arts man. i love the arts you made. these arts you made are really funny yaar.keep on ok.
mike, usa

nothing much to say, as a true nepali, thanks. thanks
aa, usa/boston

I am writing to you from USA. I liked your cartoon on newly appointed assistant minister.
Ya..! ho..! hup..! Dang..! dhak..! dhis .. ! mantri bhaye ..! That is great. Exact !
Aramudi Society, USA

hi rajesh ji, I like your cartoon very mych.keepit up.And best of luck for your future.
Anu baniya, Nepal

I think that you cartoonist have to draw a problem of how nepali pepole living in this time
haku, malaysia

hello rajesh ji, i like your cartoon very much and want to see many more new and wonderful cartoons thankyou
rayankumar, butwal

Namaste, I always view your cartoon in every news although i am in japan.It`s so nteresting. I am fond of reading & viewing cartoon. Do create more cartoon. Best of luck.
Bhudev Shrestha, Japan

Great Job, Rajesh Ji, Keep it up.
Jayram KC, Nepal

Respected Rajesh Dai, Since I was small I have been reading your cartoons which has been giving satire to millions.You are such a great cartoonist and I respect you and give my best wishes for your upcomming days.
Robin, USA

Dear Rajeshji, Greetings from New York. This is just to express my thoughts - your cartoons are really wonderful, touchy and timely. Great job!
Shobhana, New York, USA


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