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The Times of India writes: "Our role has become much more important now and we owe it to our readers to get the messages to them," said KC Read More »

The Statesman/India writes : Along with a sense of stoicism and fatalism, the Nepalese also have an acute sense of the ridiculous and the vein of satirical laughter continues to throb in spite of the suspension of press freedom, media censorship and prohibition on public assembly as well as public criticism of the king and the army. Nepal’s cartoonists have been the first ones to rally around. Read More »
Nepali Times writes: One of a growing band of editorial cartoonists in Nepal, Rajesh has drawn more than 2,500 cartoons with his distinctive style in Kantipur and Kathmandu Post. Read More»
Nation Weekly/Nepal writes: A picture may speak a thousand words but cartoons sometimes say even more. Rajesh K.C., the cartoonist at Kantipur, has been churning out 'Gajab chha ba', his single-panel funnies, for more than a decade now. Read More »
Khaleej Times/UAE writes: Be it corruption in high places or the foibles of men, there's no one like Rajesh KC to put you in the picture. Read More »
The Kathmandu Post writes: Rajesh KC's speciality is the way he hits the theme by loosely displaying the fact rather than directly satirising the topic. Read More »

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